• Project Definition & Development


    The Project Definition & Development Service is set up to provide custom solutions /to situate local environment concepts, strategies & planning of your projects in the context/climate to expedite project development process and realization of goals.

    Drawing on decades experience in the Ghanaian & West African Sub-Regional Energy Market, our experts help develop/fine-tune your project proposals. We add value to the development process as well as utilize our long standing relationships with energy sector stakeholders to spearhead your project development efforts.

    From the beginning of each project process, we work with your organization to understand your needs and re-present your vision with suited accuracy and direction to best assure your success

    AEA performs the following and other functions to meet the clients’ needs:

    • Identification of Potential Projects.
    • Preparation / Fine-tuning of Project Concepts.
    • Preparation of Market Entry & Feasibility Studies – detailed Technical, Legal, Regulatory, Risk, Economic and Financial Analysis.
    • Project Appraisals.
    • Operations Modeling & Forecasting.
    • Development of Market Entry Strategies
    • Negotiation Support.
    • Preparation and Submission for Project Applications for funding.

  • Project Management & Execution


    To help assure effective implementation of projects in Ghana and the West Africa sub-region.

    Using its familiarity with local and sub-regional procedures, preferences, and requirements to provide guidance to the project as a whole to bear for the clients’ benefit.

    Provide work team of experienced professionals and non-technical persons to ensure proper management and execution of projects.

    AEA performs the role of Owner’s Engineer by offering the following services:

    • Pre-Award Services - contract management, design and construction review and planning.
    • Work, Safety & Environmental Program Coordination.
    • Quality Assurance – provision of qualified inspectors to oversee contractors’ works.
    • Materials Monitoring & Control – vetting, recommending, and approving contractors’ material requisitions.
    • Testing, Commissioning, Take-Over, Hand-Over.
    • Warranty Management and Administration of Defects Liability.

  • Energy Strategy & Resource Planning


    • Energy resource profiling and assessment.
    • Market development and strategy.
    • Information gathering on sector institutions, policies, regional initiatives, projects, market developments, and fuel supply.
    • Analysis and forecasting of electricity demand-supply balance, dispatch profiles, generation assets, production costs and tariffs
    • Review of legal and regulatory matters, market demand and viability, competition, strategy and investment/development options.
  • Energy Regulation & Policy Development


    • Restructuring & Institutional Reform.
    • Licensing Framework.
    • Utility Grid Codes & Standards of Performance

    Electricity Rate Setting Guidelines and Pricing Investment Facilitation

    AEA’s Investment Facilitation Service has been set up to provide facilitation support to both foreign and local investors with the aim of increasing investment in the Ghana and West African Sub-Regional Energy Sector as well as other sectors of the economy.

  • Investment Facilitation


    • An effective reference point for foreign and local investors.
    • Investment research and independent professional advice in project identification and scoping.
    • Support for Greenfield investment, joint ventures and partnerships between local and foreign investors.
    • Support for effective transfer of appropriate technology in a sustainable manner.
    • Support for business adaptation resulting in minimization of risk.
    • Development and provision of professional work teams for specific assignments.
    • Independent professional owner’s representation services for both construction and operational entities for absentee concerns.
    • Market intelligence and entry information.
    • Project definition and packaging for fund solicitation.
    • Provision of independent technical and engineering advice.
    • Provision of professional negotiations advice and backroom technical support.
    • Facilitation of permitting and licensing procedures.
    • Provision of project and investment specific legal advice including drafting of legal documents where applicable.

    Expertise and Value-Add

    AEA’s key experts have between them over seventy years of collective utility experience working in several operational & senior technical levels including executive and management positions. AEA also has long standing work relationships with government and public sector institutions as well as private sector institutions in and outside the Energy Sector. AEA’s long history and ongoing work in the Energy Sector, communication lines and collaboration with key stakeholders remain active and advantageous in sourcing and verifying information, in a manner that promotes AEA’s work in Ghana and the West African sub-region. Our experts know the terrain of Ghana and the culture of the people of Ghana and the Sub- region.

    Our Contact Network

    To deliver efficient services to our clientele, AEA uses its extensive network and contacts to provide information and access to key stakeholders and institutions in the energy sector.

    Our current client base is:

    • Individual, Corporate, and Private Investors.
    • Ghanaian and Foreign Private Sector Businesses.
    • International Aid Agencies and Organizations.
    • Utilities and Regulatory Agencies.
    • Non-Profits and Government-Sponsored Agencies.
    • Power Sector Project Developers.
    • Irrespective of whether you fall within or without these groups, we look forward to being of service to you.