AEA’s Investment Facilitation Service has been set up to provide support to both foreign and local investors in Ghana and the West Africa Sub-region.
Investment Facilitation activities:

  • Act as an effective reference point for foreign and local investors.
  • Conducts investment research and provides independent professional advice in project identification and scoping.
  • Supports Greenfield investment, joint ventures and partnerships.
  • Support for effective transfer of appropriate technology in a sustainable manner.
  • Support for business adaptation resulting in minimization of risk.
  • Development and provision of professional work teams for specific assignments.

  • Independent professional owner’s representation services for both construction and operational entities for absentee concerns.
  • Market intelligence and entry information.
  • Project definition and packaging for fund solicitation.
  • Provision of independent technical and engineering advice.
  • Provision of professional negotiations advice and backroom technical support.
  • Facilitation of permitting and licensing procedures.
  • Provision of project and investment specific legal advice including drafting of legal documents.
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