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Implementation Of Ghana’s Renewable Energy Act

Our team partnered an external consultant to provide support to the Government of Ghana for the implementation of the Renewable Energy Act. AEA provided the main contractor with the local professional team. The assignment was to identify, prioritise and recommend actions needed to be taken by stakeholders, especially energy sector institutions and Government for the successful implementation of the Renewable Energy Act passed in 2011. The output of the assignment were reports on; Renewable Energy Purchase Obligation (REPO) and Guidelines, Net Metering and other legal documents.
AEA also played a significant role in the execution of Ghana’s first International Competitive Bid (ICB) for grid energy and for that matter Renewable Energy. The prices obtained from the tender were over forty percent less the gazetted feed-in tariffs at the time and also significantly less than the tariffs for a number of conventional generations on the market as it has in the development pipeline. This singular act of undertaking an ICB saved the country, directly and indirectly, billions of dollars.
This is what we do very well in AEA, we determine and use optimum leverage points of action to bring high value to our clients and the market place. At AEA, it is not about the size of the action but the impact for good.