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National Electrification Scheme (NES) Review And Preparation Of Master Plan 2011-2020 For Ghana

A comprehensive review of the 30-year National Electrification Scheme (NES) and the preparation of a plan for 2011-2020. At the time of review, the NES had been implemented for 20 years.
AEA’s experts in executing the assignment, undertook the following:

  • an evaluation of strategies and methodologies used under NES over the years,
  • a nationwide survey to collect both technical and socio-economic data for un-electrified communities,
  • design of modules including quantities and cost for each un-electrified community, for use by power unit of Ministry of Energy and procuring and engaging project,
  • design of database software for managing outstanding electrification work,
  • creation of electrification maps covering the whole Ghana/ 170 district maps in all.