AEA provides custom solutions that situate the client, concepts, strategies & planning of your projects within the local context to facilitate acceptability and effectiveness as well as expedite the project development process and realisation of goals.

Drawing on decades of experience in the Ghanaian & West Africa Sub-regional Energy Market, our experts offer insights and strategies that help fine-tune your project ideas and business proposals. We add value to the development process as well as utilize our long-standing relationships with energy sector stakeholders to assist your project development efforts.

From the beginning of each project process, we work with your organization to understand your needs and represent your vision with suited accuracy and direction to best assure your success.

We perform the following and other functions to meet the client's needs:

  • Idea development and project identification.
  • Preparation of market entry strategies & feasibility studies –technical, legal, regulatory, risk, economic and financial Analysis.
  • Project appraisals.
  • Operations modelling & forecasting.
  • Negotiation support.
  • Support for sourcing funding.

Our Projects